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Here's what others have to say...

This picture shows the point where the cargo pocket meets the flap. It has totally pulled away from that seam, and it isn't even a heavily stressed seam. This has happened to both of the cargo pockets on the Zoic Reign knicker.

Cargo Pocket top blow out


5 5

I really love these. The best part for me is the fit. I wear a 35-36" waist and the Large size fits almost perfectly.

The fabric is pretty heavy, and very heavy duty and bomb proof. Not for every climate, but Nor-Cal climates suit these for most of the year.

Unlike the review below states, they do have belt loops and waist cinches(along with a sort of stretchy back of the waist). A belt is almost necessary even if you don't need it to keep them up, due to the single snap on the waist opening. It comes unsnapped every time I lean over to put some pedal into my ride.

The length is great (IMHO) and I like the easy velcro tabs at the cuff.

There is good room for most thigh sizes (unless you are Hulk sized), and if you ride with a liner short, they shouldn't bunch up at all.

Overall, these are my new favorite piece of clothing, and I wear them for riding and kicking around. Great price too, get some while you can.

Great Knicker


2 5

UPDATE 11-18-2010
It appears that this product is no longer available from Huck-n-Roll, and Zoic is also sold out, but that's not my issue.

The seam between the cargo pocket top and flap has started to come apart. I like these kickers, but this is something that shouldn't happen. I have attached a photo to show what is happening.

I have knocked the review down to 2 stars because of this problem....


The Zoic Reign knicker is a nice try at a riding knicker, but not without some drawbacks.

First is the slim fit. If you have large thighs, these might not be for you. I like the fit myself, as there isn't a lot of baggyness when I am kicking around town, but it might not be for everyone. Another thing that would be nice with these is a little stretch. They sit on my hips and I feel I need to pull them up in order to lift my leg to get on my bike.

The padded inner shorts are nice, but I probably won't wear them.

Here is the important part. These knickers are sized to the lower measurement in the key, so with my 35-36" waist, the XL is what I needed, as the L that I originally ordered were sized to fit someone with more of a 32" waist max.

Finally, these knickers hit at the lower part of my calf, almost at the top of my ankle. I have pretty long legs, and I find them a bit too long (for a knicker) and the cinch cord in the cuff is a bit tricky to work, as it is hidden inside the cuff hem.

Overall, I rate these average, mainly due to the design and fabric choices.

Hope your legs are long