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The only positive is that these shorts look good. My girlfriend complimented me on them, but beyond that, the material is thin and the back seam is as weak as can be. These are a very, very light duty short and probably fine for casual bike cruising on a boardwalk or biking to a picnic spot on a Sunday afternoon or walking around posing at a BBQ. Any kind of real riding, forget it!

The front has Velcro in place of a zipper and button and while I thought at first it was a cool idea, I then realized it seems to be a cost-saving measure. It does not secure the short well enough for any kind of real riding. The rear stitch began to separate after one ride.

Do not buy this short if you're looking for something that's suited to mountain biking. The material is so thin, it offers little protection. Big disappointment. I also have the Alpinestars Manual short, and it's what I recommend, though it's much more expensive.


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Bought these in 1998, looks like they haven't changed in over 10 years, and they are still going strong! They have the smoothest action of any skewer I've used and the finish has resisted fading very well, nor as any part of the skewer rusted. They are simply superb! BUY THEM.