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I rode a pair of these exclusively for the past four months on pinned pedals. The shoes started off very stiff, almost like a clipless shoe, but softened nicely over time, in the end they were about as stiff as a new pair of Impacts; Impacts get softer too, so these are firmer than Impacts by 25% or so. The only downside to these shoes is that the Vibram sole wore very badly at the pins. I ride Nuke Proof Electrons which have socket head screws for pins, they are sharp, but not any more than a typical pinned pedal. I literally wore craters into the soles at the inside and outside pins, this was riding 3-4 x week for only three months! When I say craters, I mean like rubber nibs gone, holes carved into the flat midsole 1/4-3/8" deep. My LBS is contacting Shimano about a replacement pair, so maybe I'll get a round two with these shoes. Other than the sole wear, they are my favs hands down, putting the Impacts to shame in all areas, better sole stiffness, better sole contact, sticky when they need to be, ankle and toe protection, lace cover, nice fit (I'm a 13, I took 48).


3 5

I have a pair of these, felt stiff out of the box, but then softened in a matter of days to the point of being like a gym shoe. Nice rubber sole, very sticky, too bad Five Ten couldn't add a mid sole to match. This is not a Freeride/DH or a hike and bike shoe, more like an urban shoe for people with fat feet; yeah, they're roomy alright. The only shoe Five Ten makes that his DH ready is the Impacts, and those are more like boots than shoes...rumor has it that Five Ten is going to add some stiffness to their Freerider line.


5 5

I ride off-road unicycle (muni. I need a supportive shoe that stuck well when wet. The Five Ten Impacts/Sam Hills are awesome! They are stiffer in the midsole to better support the arch and the sticky sole works even when wet. Great durability. Fit true to size, a somewhat curved last at the toe box, heavier than a skate shoe, long lasting sole.