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For a long time I have been a Specialized fan, but when my silver monster passed on after 4 years, I picked up the Lezyne Classic from my local shop in Germany. Some folks don't like the chuck which requires you to thread it on to your valve stem, but it is a pleasure to pump up finicky extenders and makes tires easy and quick. The action is silky smooth and touches like the ability to easily and quickly secure the hose and chuck to the pump for storage or travel. The attention to detail and ease of use is what makes this 5 stars for me.


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I have had the same torque key ever since our QBP rep droped one off at the shop I worked at years ago. It does exactly what it intends to, does it well, but don't expect it to do anything more than what it says. It is extremely handy for anything with 5nm torque settings, and with some work you can pry our the 4mm head and put in any other standard allen head. It doesnt replace a torque wrench for the rest of your tightening needs but is nice to have around. In terms of durability, it still works just fine after all these years and to my un-scientific eye has not lost its accuracy.