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Although we are not the medical experts (as you know we are fabric experts that listen to what the medical experts tell us are the right ingredients to proper compression) we do have many customers that use 2XU compression as an alternative to the much less comfortable and less breathable medical products on the market.

With mmhg ratings between 18 and 40 the feedback from these customers has continued to be positive and they have seen an effective reduction in the swelling of their extremities as a result of lymphedema. We also have many of the top orthopedic specialists in the country from the Steadman Clinic in Vail to many local ortho's that regularly use and recommend 2XU compression to their patients for both injury prevention and recovery after surgery.

Please note that we know an Orthopedic Surgeon is not a surgeon specializing in lymphedema surgery and the related issues. But rather to show the support we are getting from the best doctors in the SPORTS MEDICINE field.

- 2XU Representative

Elite Compression Women's Top-LS:
All Elite products are built using a combination of both 50 Denier and 70 Denier Circular Knit (CK) process using Lycra Invista Sport as the elastomeric yarn. The main benefit of using both 50D and 70D in this particular fabrication is that it allows for a slightly higher compressive rating at the extremities, in this case it would be in the forearm area. This is done to help promote even greater venous return from the hands/forearm back to the heart where the blood is cleansed and oxygenated.

The advantage of using Lycra Invista Sport in all 2XU compression products is that by using a branded elastomeric yarn (Dupont), 2XU is able to retain their compressive properties much longer than many other products that use non branded elastane yarns in the manufacturing process.