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Monica Ennis

Monica Ennis

Monica Ennis

Monica Enniswrote a review of on February 20, 2010

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I found out 3 weeks ago I have gestational diabetes. After meeting with a dietician, I learned I had to drastically change my diet and eating habits. I am allowed to have 3 regular meals a day, but my grains/breads/cereal carb limit is only 45 grams per regular meal. 2 hours after a meal, I am allowed a "snack" and my carb limit is 30 grams. I can not go over my limits and am not allowed to combine snacks and meals in order to have more carbs as this will raise my blood sugar. I love these bars for my snacks. They allow me to keep my work routine and eat my snacks throughout the day, have something nutritious, and be satisfied with the flavor and how filling they are. I am losing weight on this diet, even though I am pregnant, and I am never hungry. My husband is on the diet with me and has already tightened his belt one notch and his pants are getting baggy in the butt! I would recommend it to anyone!