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Yes, absolutely. I throw on some road wheels/tires on my Wilier Cross whenever I know I don't need the knobbies (e.g. going on a pavement-only road ride). With road wheels on I hardly notice that it's a cross bike...it's fast. One thing to watch is that your road rims are the same (or very similar) width as your cross rims. If not, you'll have to adjust the setup of your cantilever brakes each time you swap. If you're researching this, note that the CC spec sheet says the bike comes with the Reynolds Solitude wheelset, when in fact it comes with the Reynolds Shadow (see photos above and also mentioned in the post below).

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This bike is a great value at the discounted price. I have not come across another high quality, carbon-frame cross bike with equivalent spec at a similar price. I took possession in early March 2013, and only had the chance to ride it twice (about 100 miles) before the weather changed and I switched over to my road bike. I ordered the Medium, and this was a perfect size (I'm 5' 9" and ride a 56cm road bike). Just recently I took my road bike in for repairs, so got on the Wilier for the third and fourth times. I put on another 100 miles, including a few gravel road stretches, and near the end of the ride noticed the back wheel and brakes were rubbing. I was shocked to find the back wheel VERY out of true, so checked the spoke tension...VERY undertensioned, so no wonder the wheel went out of true. Both back and front brakes were 'cockeyed'/uncentred since day 1, and the back derailleur occasionally skips in some of the big ring/center cassette positions (this has also been a problem since day 1). I have to emphasize my riding was NOT on extreme 'cross terrain'...about 100 miles of asphalt, and another 100 miles of hard packed gravel roads. Both the back and front brakes now need some expert adjustment since I have been unable to adjust the Avid Shorty 6 brakes to the proper centred position. So, in short, I don't believe this bike was properly set up (especially the wheels) so now I have to pay another $100 to get these problems fixed. I'm unable to return the bike to CC since I'm in Canada and the shipping cost would be well over the cost of having a LBS do this work.
SO, I can certainly highly recommend the quality of the frame and components, and the ride is wonderful, but CANNOT recommend CC's bike setup quality control, on this bike anyway. I'm disappointed that so much adjustment is needed 'out of the box'.