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You want to be seen from behind on your early morning rides? Get yourself a tail light man! I don't suffer fools, and I expect my equipment to work flawlessly. This tail light does just that -- from the super strong clip that doesn't let go to the USB charger, this light is fantastic. From one-handed operation to options for a steady light to flashing at intervals, a lot of thought has gone into this light. It is super bright and for this price, how can it be beat?


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I am not a large rider (6'0" and 175#). I bought these bibs thinking I would try out a new brand as I typically ride in Castelli. The fit in the large size was great and it took a little bit to get used to the funky construction of the straps, but they were comfortable.

Where these ran into trouble was on the construction of the actual garment. I got about 50 miles into my ride and looked down at my leg for some reason and the stitching on the seams was coming undone. I looked at my other leg and the seams there were having the same issue in a different spot. I put them in the washer after the ride and the seams continued to unravel.

Needless to say, that is the last pair of bibs I buy from Zero RH+.