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4 5

These were my first clipless pedals after many years of platforms and clips. They work just fine and I got my confidence in them built up pretty quick. I really had no issues with them until I bought a used bike that had XTR M980 pedals on it. The XTRs work smoother and easier, but its the difference between a $30 pedal made in China or Taiwan and a $170-$270 (depending on where you buy) pedal made in Japan. I think the performance of the M530 is pretty good for someone looking to try their first clipless pedal or for a clipless pedal on a budget.


3 5

The good: Breathe well, ratchet works well and adjustments in ride are easy. I have had no trouble climbing/descending in dirt/mud and have not installed any toe spikes.
The bad: The sole compound could be a little more rubbery for walking on rack. It also seems to wear quickly or scrape easily on concrete. I can not comfortably wear socks in them. I would recommend ordering a half size or more bigger. The stock foam insert is worthless as well. No support and might as well be no cushioning. I put an old Spenco hiking insert in and wear them barefoot. This seems to work good for now (the summer). Once we get some cool weather I will have to rethink this.
Conclusion: Good overall design but for a HV (wide) shoe the fit is tight and not cushioning or supportive enough.