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Great Ride, Great Service
5 5

Really enjoying this bike. Climbs great. I'm coming off an 09 Nomad which also climbed great but the improvement is noticeable. It's more jittery on the descents of course but still fast and fun. I would describe it as nimble. The 140 Talas is a great fit.

I'm 6'1'' and picked up a large, fits well. The Float RL was a bit stiff out of the box but with some new air it felt better after the first ride.

I'm running 2.35's and mud clearance isn't even remotely an issue. There's about 2.5 inches of room. The MRP MiniG2 SL Chain Guide went on effortlessly and makes practically no noise. Headsets can be confusing to purchase but for a tapered one, this worked great http://www.hucknroll.com/chris-king-inset-mixed-tapered-headset-with-griplock

I live in Hawaii and still received free shipping. It was on my doorstep in 4 business days. Hucknroll kicks ass... Couldn't be happier.


5 5

I bought the Xen because of the extra protection in the back compared to most other xc helmets. Glad I did.

Couple weeks back I went down and broke my arm, fractured my wrist and cracked some ribs. I hit the back of my head so hard that I had amnesia. Wife says I was like 'Ten second Tom' from the movie 50 First Dates, I would reset and ask the same questions every three minutes. Did that for 12 hours. I still don't remember the crash or even going for a ride.

I'm fine now, brain is all good. Judging by my other injuries, it wouldn't be had I not been wearing this helmet. I hit the back where it offers a bit of extra protection and it cracked just like it was supposed to. Instead of my head. If you are looking for something that offers a bit more protection than the average helmet and has been tested, this one fits the bill.

On a side note it felt pretty light to me, had good air flow and my Oakley's fit well with it on.