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Neoprene is great. I used to surf and the function of the product, as I understand it, is once I got in the water...the neoprene worked to use my body temp to warm the water between me and the suit.

So, these gloves are great but....for me, only great for a short time (like a CX race). Starting out warm but soon sweaty isn't warm....for long. Don't get me wrong, I like these gloves and use them for my intended purpose...Cross Racing! 40 mins/5 laps is just long enough to fend off wet/cold but any longer, for me, means sweaty hands/cold hands. I don't intend to use these for "long" rides.

Sizing, I have a size 8 glove so the smalls fit great. The fingers are curved just perfect. The cuff isn't too long and it fits tight around my wrist. The gloves are made well, IMHO...stitching is burly. The graphics are cool but I don't expect them to last long due to repeated off and on. I'm hoping they last a couple of seasons but it depends, like everything, how well I take care of them/use them.

All in all, a pretty decent glove for wet/cold riding.


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I'm not a runner per se (10 -15 miles a week) but have started back trail running recently and bought these on a recommendation from a friend that does run quite a bit. Bottom line for me is I love these shoes. Very comfortable right out of the box (no hot spots, chaffing, etc.). Minimal drop makes them great for my flat stride. The lacing system is perfect (easily adjustable), cushioning in all the right spots, sole is sturdy. I sized up and the fit is perfect. I'm hoping these shoes will last me a season at least.


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I finally got a new lid. After years of riding in Giro helmets, I saw the POC Octal at Interbike last year and was pretty impressed. When I got a chance to buy one, I bit the bullet.... Initial impressions are favorable. Two words: Air.flow.

Lightweight (very light), fit is great (I have a 5 7/8 size head and the medium fits great), no pressure points at all, great color (blue), not "ugly" as has been described in some corners of the review world.

Retention system isn't that adjustable compared to Giro/Bell. The yoke system doesn't allow for that much adjust-ability. The upside, for me, is that right out of the box the fit worked fine. The second problem is that the back of the helmet (just behind the ears) interferes with the arms of sunglasses....I've found that the arms of my Tifosi glasses bend downward which keeps them clear of that part of the helmet.

All in all...fairly happy with it.

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