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the short answer is yes, this crank will fit frames with both 170 and 190 mm spacing. The longer answer is that depending on your gearing choice, you may experience tire rub. RaceFace has a good chart showing maximum tire width for various setups. Here is a link:


They also specify the best spacer setup on this document:


Please get in touch by phone or chat to discuss the best setup for your specific bike.

Hi, these are lycra shoe covers. They will be good for making your feet a little more aerodynamic, and will provide some extra warmth on cool days. They don't offer much protection against wind and water, though. Fro the temperatures you're considering, look at the Capo Lombardia Wind Booties instead.

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I'm riding these wheels on an Ibis Ripley with a RockShox Pike, and have been very happy with them so far. My previous 29er Trail bike had Stan's Flow EX wheels, which I was pretty happy with, but the Ibis 941 wheels are noticably lighter and stiffer. The rims are really monstrously wide, At 200 pounds, I'm running 19 psi on buff trails, and 23 psi on trails with sharper rocks. ON the trail, Traction is ample, and handling predictable. The 3-pawl hub does not engage quite as fast as chi-chi offerings from Industry Nine, King, or DT Swiss, but hubs like those laced to a rim of this quality would come at a much higher price. Ibis nailed a great balance of performance, quiality, and price with these wheels. They kept the graphics understated, so the wheels won't clash with other brands of bike.

One caveat: At 35mm, these rims are deep enough that they won't play nicely the 32mmmm stems on a lot of mountain bike tubes. Run the wheels tubeless with the included valves, , but seek out long stems or get valve extenders for your spare tubes. Otherwise you'll risk having a tough time fixing that unsealable flat out on the trail!

If you have any questions about these or other mountain bike wheels, Please call me directly at 801-736-6396 or email me at mnelson@backcountry.com


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