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I really liked how cute this top was. It did not look like your typical bike top. However, the fit was really strange. It was tight in the bust, especially in the underarm area. But then the integrated bra elastic at the bottom was super loose. I wouldn't be able to bike in this top with that fit so sadly I returned it.


4 5

These gloves get the job done. They are breathable, look good, have adequate padding, wash easily, and don't get stinky.

The only con: They are not as grippy as I'd like. Sometimes on a descent when I'm braking and hit a bump, my hand flies off of the handlebar and brake. Part of this could be due to the exposed fingertips versus full fingered gloves, but I'd like for the palm of my hand to stick to my bike grips too.


5 5

These sunglasses are great for being active in. I wear them on all of my runs and they stay put. They fit comfortably on my nose and do not bounce up and down. I like that they came with 2 different sized nose pieces so that you can find that perfect fit.

The polarized lenses are clear and crisp. Even though the lens feels like lightweight plastic, they are quality glasses. In fact, I like that they are so light on my face and I can barely tell that they are there.

They look sporty yet trendy. These are my go to sporty sunglasses!

Stay in place while running


5 5

This recovery drink was essential to me as I was training for a half marathon. I drank it after all of my long runs. Not only did it taste great but it was filling enough to not leave me searching for carbs. It also left my body feeling great after the runs where I couldn't even tell that I had just pushed my body the day before. It definitely helped with muscle recovery.
I have the orange creamsicle and it was very good flavored. I like to call it my dreamsicle drink. :)