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5 5

These are great lightweight gloves that offer a good amount of protection and comfort. They fit just fine, and look good. I would hesitate to say they are downhill gloves. These gloves are entirely cloth/padding material, which is fine for cross country, but they have no kevlar over the knuckles, which could be handy in a downhill crash. I got them on sale for $20 and well worth it at that price, but for $40 I'd expect them to offer a little more "solid" protection.

If you're looking for something bullet proof for downhill, I'd say look elsewhere, but if you're in the market for something lightweight/breathable/durable for all mountain, these gloves are perfect.

Good Gloves, Not Bullet Proof Though


5 5

These are great, I have some fox brand ones that were a lot smaller and fit way tighter. These are snug, but not tight, and offer way more protection. They are probably the best as far as not restricting movement either. Haven't crash tested them yet, but I'd imagine they would hold up pretty well.

Protection and Comfort!! 5 out of 5


3 5

Overall its a great fit/feel of a jersey. Loose enough to give you some breathing room, but not too baggy where it looks like you're wearing a garbage bag over you. Has the right amount of snugness around the neck. My only complaint is the red is more like a burnt orange (see pic for reference). And that's the reason I gave it 3 stars.

Great Fit/Feel, But Color Is Off


4 5

First thing first, I would suggest you size up since these have a heavy duty liner in them. I normally wear a 30-31, but got these in a 32" and they fit perfect. The actual shorts fit true to size, but you got to remember these also come with a seat liner.

Overall these are great shorts, seem to be made of a heavy duty cordura type material, haven't crashed in them yet, so can't say how will they would hold up, but from the looks of it, you aren't going to get anything better.

Plenty of pockets and breath-ability, the inner liner is made of the moisture wicking material as well.

My only gripe is they are a little over-priced for what you get, don't get me wrong, they are probably the best shorts I've ever own, but I'd say $20-$30 of the price in these shorts is the name brand. Hence my reason for giving them a 4 star review, price aside they are definitely 5 out of 5

Great Shorts, A Little Overpriced