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So far I've had very positive experience with Icebreaker products. These shorts definitely follow along those same lines. Most striking about these shorts is the quality of materials. Everything seems very well built and long-lasting. They are definitely a little thicker than traditional lycra or spandex shorts. Even with the wicking properties of the merino, I wouldn't recommend these for an all day ride in the summer heat. I think the synthetics breathe better in those environments. However, these are fine for morning rides in the summer (85� or lower) and longer rides in the fall.

Pros: Seriously well built, I can't stress that enough. Stitching and materials look to be top notch. True to size, these are not European cut. I am 6'3, 240, wear 38 in pants and the XL fits fine.

Cons: Chamois is a little on the thick side. This could just be a personal preference or that I have gotten used to the 2XU chamois, but these seem a bit diaperish while walking around and the stitching where the chamois meets the shorts chafes just a tiny bit.

I'd rate these an A-, they are very good, but they aren't perfect. I would recommend them to others.


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So far so good. I have worn the mittens in light to moderate rain with no water penetration. I have also ridden with them in temperatures as low as 32F without any finger numbness. However, my thumb wasn't that warm and obviously the thumb and pointer finger will get the coldest. I'm not sure how these will hold up in temperatures below freezing. The manufacturer claims they can get down to 14F (http://www.louisgarneau.com/in-en/product/0/1482172/_/LIMOGES_MITTS).

The material isn't very breathable, so in temps above 40 your hands will get wet from sweat. There are two air vents--one in the area between your thumb and pointer and one in the palm area. These work okay for circulating air. The problem with the palm vent is that most of the time your hands are on the handlebar and there is not much air flow through this part of the glove.

The gel pad in the palm of the glove is a little uncomfortable. It might just take some getting used to, in general I prefer low-profile padding for better road feel. The trigger-style works fine for breaking and zippers, but lobster-style might work better for cold temps. Overall, if you need cold-weather gloves and can get these on sale they are definitely worth it. B+