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Matthew Charette

Matthew Charette

Matthew Charette

Matthew Charetteposted a video about on March 20, 2012

Just a quick edit from our trip up Katahdin with the hero2. Ran into a few troubles the cold night sucked the battery down on day 1, I didnt think to put it on my charger pack until that night. After staying fully charged up all night I didnt have any trouble with the battery life at all. This camera is top notch coupled with a 32 gb SD card and a battery backpac (purchased after this trip) you can snag ALOT of raw footage. This is mounted up to an unvented helmet using the curved 3M mount. This videos quality is degraded a fair amount from windows movie maker (all Ive got right now) and youtube being what it is. But either way a decent sample of what this puppy can do. Shot in 960p, 48fps