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5 5

I love that these have finally been picked up on in the States.

When I was racing in Belgium, you could buy a big package of these at just about any supermarket, being as they are a staple Northern European cookie/biscuit/snack thing. They also happen to make fantastic race food, packed per gram as they are with calories, those largely being from carbohydrates both sugar and starch. Plus, they taste great and are easy to eat.

Anyway, its about time that someone in the fitness food community picked up on these bad boys. Honey Stinger has remained very faithful to the traditional biscuit, but has made them theie own with to be expected quality of ingredients and with the athlete in mind.

If you have ever wondered what those euro pro guys are eating out of foil in the races, chances are it is a cookie just like this. Really glad they are now easily available to US racers!



5 5

This is a great product. A simple yet incredibly effective design. Have you ever sniffed a "questionable" bottle and nearly gagged from the funky smell? I can't imagine that happening with this one.

I like that the construction is of a higher level than a standard bottle- tougher plastic means this won't warp, and I have put these things in industrial dishwashers.

Also, its BPA free. There really is no need to use the old style water bottle anymore. This is the new standard.


5 5

Over the years I have had a slew of different helmets of all different brands and types. Some fit everyone really well, and some fit only certain head shapes. However, the best brands "fit" in the former category, and the Garneau Diamond is a great example of just that.

The retention system gives a wide range of fit between fully tightened or all the way open. Place it on your head with the easy to adjust mechanism open, dial it tight, and you will likely find, as I did, that it adjusts snugly and gently for a secure fit.

I will be racing with this lid all year and I couldn't be happier to strap this on everyday. On top of the all important fit, it is extremely well ventilated, light, and looks cool. A good helmet makes all the difference!


5 5

I find these shoes to be everything I would expect from the Shimano name.

The heat moldable footbed is to me the key selling point. I love that I can get the advantages of orthodics without the price. The comfort and stability gained from such a form fitting shoe gives a huge advantage.

Like all Shimano shoes, these have put up with a lot of abuse and are still rock solid and in good shape. I really like having the buckle adjustment as it keeps everything locked down even in the wet and mud, and is really easy to adjust on the fly.