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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

While I haven't tried every helmet, I can't imagine a better looking and fitting one than this one. Matches the team BMC colors, very comfortable in 90+F weather, and no issues with comfort on all day rides. The only minor issue is that I do notice the front pad along the forehead does get pretty wet with sweat, seems to collect a bit more than other helmets. With that sais, highly recommended and looks great w/ BMC.


5 5

Have had it now for 5 months, but starting to put some miles on it outdoors this spring. Weight,handling and fit for me (53cm) was PERFECT (I'm 5"10 w ~32" inseam). Had it fitted and I'm not sure they adjusted anything - besides seat height, it fit out of the box for me almost perfectly.

On the downside, there was a couple small scratches on the frame that I didn't catch until I examined it outside in the sun. Not quite worth the hassle of shipping it back to Backcountry though.

Love it and highly recommend BMC and the SLR01.


5 5

Just received this jersey and glad to report I didn't have any problem with the zipper. The jersey felt great and would be an instand favorite of mine, EXCEPT the front is about 2" too short (perhaps 3). Not sure what the designers were thinking. I guess if you had a short torso, if may fit well.

Rating is based on quality, not fit.


4 5

Just received this jacked. I'm a fan of Capo and this jacket is nice looking and well made and nice looking jacket. I'm 5'10 and a little bit of an athletic build in my upper body. This jacket bunched up at my arm pits/too tight in the upper back, but the arms are long. Unfort going to have to return and wait for another great deal like this was (if it fit better).