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I needed to grab a rear light for my circa 1995 ex-mountain turned commuter whip. This would require something that functions and cost me fewer than 20 bones.

Enter the Lezyne Femto!
It works, and it hasn't let me down yet. It took me a hot minute to figure out that you depress the actual light for 3+ seconds to turn the light on. But I never claimed to be good at bikes, so I eventually figured it out.

For a cheap light, this does the job and it's a cinch to install - which I like. Simply snap the rubber around the bicycle part of your choice and pedal into the dusky horizon.

Wear a helmet too. Helmets are cool.


Great Value
4 5

I needed a commuter light for my circa 1995 commuter whip.
Obviously, I'm not going to spend a fortune on that.
I just need something that flashes.

At first I was puzzled because I could not get this thing to work.
Then I realized I was an idiot, and you actually have to press the light in for 3+ seconds before it will activate.

There are 3 different modes - I've been using this frequently with no issues for a month now. Good enough that I grabbed a set for my roommate as well.

We are stylin and the bank is not broken.

0 Comments Bike Expert Recommended
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I know very little about bikes.
In fact, it's rather embarrassing. Seriously.

And while I am taking small strides to change this terrible dearth of basic knowledge, I consult folks around the Backcountry / Competitive Cyclist office in the meantime.

In asking our most knowledgeable, experienced and veteran bike nerd employees - 4 out of 4 agreed.
I didn't even say anything...all 4 recommended it independently of each other.

What do I know about bike lube? Nothing.
But these strong recommendations were enough to convince me that this was the only option for lube.

My nO_Ob observations:

*It's a nice yellow color.

*The texture is viscous without being nasty - I kept hearing how the 'lite' part is sposto be really nifty. Sure. It's great. I think?

*I don't mind the smell - It's a weird combo of sweet, candy (smarties maybe?) with the acrid scent of a rubber tire. Interesting but not offensive.

* Pretty easy to clean up, though I have nothing else to compare it to....what do I know?