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2 5

I washed them.

Followed directions to a T.

Bad results ensued. The inner liner became irretrivably twisted. I've tried to fix them, my wife has tried...I've even tried to employ the tiny fingers of my daughter. No dice. You cannot get the index finger liner back to where it shoudl be...which renders them useless.

It was a good run while it lasted, but if you can't wash them according to directions, they're not so useful now, are they?


4 5

If you have a larger face, get the XLJ. The standard ones are a BIT SMALL for my manface. They're super comfy, however, and the rubber on the contact points makes them stay on your face in all conditions.


5 5

Are you conflicted? You want the lightness of carbon bars, but you're worried about them snapping and leaving you with a massive dental bill?

Look no further.

These bars perform like carbon bars with good vibration dampening and amazing lightness, but they're built to be bombproof. Note that ENVE calls them downhill bars because they're 800mm wide. They're marked for cutoffs, so you can make them whatever you want, with a few minutes, some masking tape, and a hacksaw. 750mm seems to be a sweet spot on my 29ers. Add in a short stem, grip it and rip it.


5 5

Simply the best. This seatpost is lighter than a comparable Thomson (note that the Masterpiece doesn't come in a length nearly this long), and offers a better ride (more vibration dampening). It comes with ENVE's name and warranty. It looks hawt. It performs perfectly. There is nothing to compare to. To paraphrase Ferris, if you have the means, I highly recommend it.


Water and Wind Resistant, Warm Gloves
5 5

I've had these for a few months and have started using them regularly. I have Reynaud's syndrome and suffer from very cold hands. The Sugoi gloves have done a good job of managing moisture and keeping my hands warm when cycling. I've used them with drop bars and flat bars on the bike, and they've been great. They are NOT waterproof, but do a good job of keeping you dry in light rain and wet conditions. I've used them down to high 20s in comfort. Much colder than that, and I think they'd start to get a bit TOO cold for road biking, but they might be ok for more physical mountain biking. At and above 40 or 45, they're too warm! The 3 finger design permits easy brake/shifter access, which is GREAT!