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Here's what others have to say...

Yes. All Radar lense styles are interchangeable between the Radar and Radarlock frame styles. (I.e. Range, Edge, Path, Pitch, XL, etc.) I have multiple styles for the same frames.
In addition, you can also be at rest knowing that Radar vs Radarlock is just the difference of whether or not the frame has the lock-in system for the lenses. (The Radorlocks are easier to change) But, the lenses are completely interchangeable between the two frame styles. The only restriction I'm aware of is that I'm nearly sure that Oakley's "Asian fit" lenses DO NOT in the normal Radar frames. (I don't have any Asian Fit anything, but that's what I have read.)
Anyway, sorry. Probably TMI, but there ya go anyway.
Oakley on!

4 5

I guess I shouldn't complain about the fact that they're big since they are called the XL, but they really are just a bit wide, at least for MY face. The trade-off however, is the great coverage this provides. I compare them to the flaks, and the splits which I also own, and would have to say the coverage is better for sure, but the look seems to be a little more bulky, and as said in the "Zach Pina" review, they feel slightly heavier on the face despite Oakley's claim to similar weights.
Over all, I won't downplay them too much. (4 stars) Because I wear them all the time, and the Jade lens with the crome frame is a sweet combination. And the easy switch to other lenses is by far easier than either of the aforementioned. Peace.


5 5

Solid & comfortable fit and easy quick grab to pedal yet easy to get out of when the time comes. I've had them for quite a few rides now, and still no complaints.