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I was really only looking for a shin guard so my pedal didn't get jammed into my shin when not paying attention when shifting... but these are more than adequate with the flexibility and durability that you would want in a knee/shin guard. These are soft, fairly lightweight. There is a hidden plastic piece in the knee that makes that area much more durable than I expected. I ordered a size small but if you're a girl, expect that you're going to have to strap them down or sew the straps since they don't come in a size xs. These run smaller than the POC pads & seem to be the best fit for smaller people. Overall these stayed put and are comfortable to pedal around in.

The only downfall is that when it rained on me today, these pads smelled like hockey gear since they absorb your mtn bike odor & sweat. Kinda made me want to loose my lunch.


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Although my arms are super tiny, I ordered these in a size small and with the help of my sewing machine (to make a dart at the top) these fit great. I'm 5'3" and 110lbs with normal non-michelle-obama looking arms. These are flexible, light grey in color and stay put. There is no plastic reinforcement in these and there is a 2 in section of skin that shows on my forearm and glove. Fox can you please make these in an XS for the ladies then i could give this a 5 star review?!

I also crashed pretty hard on these last weekend and they kept my elbows from being ripped off.