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Just returned from a week long training camp. High tempo riding in very wet conditions. The Cyclical jacket is great--I never trust claims of breathability for high exertion activities, but this fabric is terrific. Pouring rain soaked everything but my core covered by the jacket, and this was at high speed tempo riding.

The waterproof zippers are difficult to close. Impossible one handed and still tough when riding with no hands working the zipper with two hands. Makes it difficult to regulate air flow as the ride speeds up. The zippered cuffs do allow air to circulate up the arms when riding at speed. I'm 6'2" and 165 lbs with wool base layer and long sleeve jersey under a size large jacket fit well (Tight racer cut and long arms).

Only jacket I've worn that doesn't soak me from the inside. Smoother working zippers would be nice. Even on rain wear, the zipper doesn't need to be dry bag tight does it?

Also, how about true black?


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These are great tires. They ride well, corner great, and wear adequately. But I doubt I will ever buy another one. Conti tubular tires are sized just enough too small that they are next to impossible to mount. And I have mounted a lot of tires in my life. I had hoped the 4000 would be sized better, but no. Even after stretching them for a week at 140 pounds pressure they still fight you to a standstill when you try to mount them. I'm sticking to my Vittorias for tubies and Continentals for clinchers.I guess you could pay someone to mount them for you--but I am somewhat anal about knowing my tires are mounted correctly.