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Good bag, but stick with black
4 5

I've had the small white for a couple of months now. I've got a tube, levers and patch kit inside, with a multi-tool in its separate pocket. It fastens securely, and I never feel it moving, or rubbing my legs. I guess my complaints come from having the white version. It experienced its first rainfall the other day, and the next time I rode, I noticed that it had developed brown-ish spots on the white material where there are tools inside. I know it's picky, but it just looks dirty. Also, the white zipper seems to be fading to a yellow-ish tint from the sun.

I like the bag, but if I had to do it again, I'd go with black.


5 5

I don't use this to replace a saddlebag, but I do keep everything I want with me on a bike ride in it. Keys, ID, cash, even my large smartphone fits in there, which keeps it from being covered in the sweat that my jersey is "wicking" into the pockets.


5 5

The best thing I can say about these knicks are that after about 5 minutes on the bike, I don't notice that I'm wearing them (don't worry, I always double-check that I am). From mid-30's to high-40's these are fantastic. I bet they'd be good in even colder weather, I just don't have any where I live.
Fit: They're nice and tight at the calf, and it's nice that they don't need silicone grippers. The front comes up higher than some other bibs--up over my navel, which I don't mind in cold-weather bibs. I'm 5'10" and 145lbs with about a 29" waist and got the M.


4 5

I find these gloves to be almost exactly what I need for "winter" in Southern California. Between about 38-50F, my fingers have never been cold in these. In fact, they stay quite warm, even though the gloves feel kind of thin. In warmer weather, I ride without gloves, so I like that there's not a lot of substance to these--just keep them away from anything abrasive, like velcro.
The reason they don't get all 5 stars is because there's nothing reflective on them. The "grippers" are silvery, sparkly and a little shiny, but not reflective.