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I noticed the sizing chart on these shorts seemed a bit confusing so I did a little research and found this on FOX's website. The size and the actual measurement of the wait on each size.

With a tape measure, hold it level and measure the circumference at the waist's natural bend.

28: 27-29

30: 29-31

32: 31-33

34: 31-33

36: 35-37

38: 37-39

40: 39-41


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Noticed we didn't have a sizing chart up, just yet, for the rain cap. Did some research.

0 XS-S 48-53 cm
I M-L 53-58 cm
II XL-XLG 58-63 cm

Referenced: http://www.assos.com/en/63/sizechart.aspx?cat=6,19,31,39&prod=402


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Over all, the bike was peppy and fun. I see a very strong place for it on the trails. I'm not confused by it all and it very much stands it's ground as a bike tailored specifically to suit women’s needs with out compromising on 'big boy' standards. It's refreshing to see a bike out there that is ready for the ladies with out the ye ol' "Shrink it and Pink it" ideals. Way to go Juliana.

Check out her story here: http://www.julianabicycles.com/

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So, like, 27.5 is going to go everywhere because it makes a ton of sense. It's appealing to me, who has a more playful style when riding, not necessarily the most aggressive lady out there, but I certainly ride hard. I love climbing just as much as I love getting shuttled and flying down a Mountain. I'm about 5.4/5.5 and I've never really had an issue with my 29ers, but after getting on the Juliana, I can see why this wheel size would appeal to smaller riders. This is not just a fashion trend. It's here to stay and I'm happy that Santa Cruz is jumping on such a great opportunity to expand for a more versatile riding experience.
In my humble opinion, 3x10 has lots of overlap. 2x10 should have enough gears to get you where you wanna go. But hey, it's kind of a personal preference. I would go 2x10 because it's simple. With that said, I wasn't upset to be riding a good ol' 3/10 set up again. It didn't interrupt my ride but we all know what we want and I prefer otherwise.I found the Fox 32 Float FIT CTD to be very user friendly. I was able to play with it accordingly and without fumble. The 130 mm fork and the 125 mm rear was just enough for me and seemed to make sense to those I'd imagined to be the riders of the Juliana.
Sizing: The bike?s handlebar reach felt really uncomfortable for me and the thin handlebars were awkward. I have pretty small hands and even though they were definitely easier to grip, my hands kept falling asleep. I've come to the conclusion that I need something more ergonomically correct for me and these are not the route I'd go. I was on a small (which I usually ride) and I think I rushed the process a bit to get on her. In retrospect, I should have been on a medium (which is never). It felt a little undersized and perhaps that's because I am 99.9% always on a unisex/male specific bike.


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Thoughts? Stiff, climbs effortlessly, easy to maneuver, absolutely no pedal bob, and to put this bike into one world, I would choose: Performance. This isn't just another 29er that goes fast, but rather fast and extremely functional.

Rode the Pivot Mach 429 at Outerbike in Moab and, right out the gate, my reaction was an automatic feeling of stability and luxury. I found it to be stiff in all the right places with out compromising it's responsiveness. To my surprise, I comfortably toss her around some tech trails, regardless of being a big wheeled bike. I attribute this to the well known ride quality of the DW-L system and the reliability of Fox. I would not say this was the lightest kid in the park, but certainly one of the toughest. Good bike for those looking for something to ride hard and not have to worry about "taking it easy".

I have come to the conclusion it does a lot of things well and is a great bike for a broad audience. Something refreshingly reliable in the sea of fickle bikes.