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When I bought my Kona Zing Supreme it came with the Conti Grand Prix 4000 tires and I didn't think much of it. 4 seasons later and now I'm on my next bike I'm sold on the durability and performance of this tire.

I average 900-1000 miles on this tire (I'm 210 pounds) and rotate them in the middle of that to maximize life span. It grips well on corners and I rarely flat out - they are tough.

The colors are flashy and add a nice touch. Seriously I should stock up on this tire and you should too.


Yes they do. I just bought the Shimano Ultegra SL which is the next model up from this one and it came with cleats. Since I'm a road bike newb I also wasn't sure if the pedals came with the cleats and ordered some cleats separately which I now have to return. Glad their return policy is top notch.Backcountry - if you're reading these you need to add this info to the product descriptions.