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Here's what others have to say...

BEst seat bag I've had
5 5

Had my first one for 2,5 year before the zipper had been worn out from the elements. It did it's job perfectly until then. So I Immediately went in here and got myself a new and identical one.

I use size SMALL, and for everyone who's competetive and want to go light and fast I recommend you do the same. Size MEDIUM and larger will likely be too big. As for Size MICRO, I can't say.. but it's probly a good one if you only want a spare tube in there and nothing else.

Size small have space for a tube, three crowbars and a very small and light toolset. Just the way I like it.

The seat bag is very easy and fast to remove/attach. It takes only a split a of a second. And the grip is good. It won't fall off.


5 5

Hey, if anyone's in doubt, then I assure you Continental Grand Prix 4000 is the best tire you'll get. It's not without reason that so many people claim this is the tire that sets the standard for everyone else who's trying to make good tires.

The grip is absolute top notch, and whether it be dry or wet and slippery roads, you can relax and really trust this tire when speed is high and when you're going into sharp turns.

Far as I'm concerned it's very durable as well, so it lasts a long time.

Also, I always use these tires on my road bike and I can't even remember the last time I had a flat.

For me there's simply no other tire anymore; not for training and not for competitions.

Just a shame it's out of stock.. Hopefully new stock will come in soon and in various colors


5 5

This jacket is not possible to fold small, but it's an amazing jacket nontheless. It's a jacket for the cold days when the rain is falling already before you're going out on your training-trip. It will keep you warm and dry, do not doubt that. This is a solid piece of jacket. Highly recommended, especially for my fellow northerners and anyone having cold and wet Springs/falls.


3 5

Extremely pleasing on the eye. As always we get amazing style and good-looking gear from Castelli. And most often they combine that with quality.
And these Castelli Aero Race Shoecovers, I wouldn't say they lack the quality, but the one thing that makes me give them 3 stars instead of perfect 5 is that the heels have no holes. There's only a hole at the front for the cleats to stick out. So walking with these on your feet will quickly ruin the fabric in the heel-area. So unnessecary I think. But otherwise I find the shoecovers top-notch.


5 5

As to be expected it keeps you warm on cold days. For me, living in cold Norway, these legwarmers are great during cold spring/fall-days. And the really great thing about them is that on days not only cold but when the rain is falling heavily as well the water seems to just bounce of, and getting wet and cold is not an issue. I highly recommend them.


5 5

Very light and neat, easily rolled together and put back in your rear-pocket. It hardly takes space at all, and when wearing it it gives excellent protection against the wind.