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Here's what others have to say...

You can use the phone as a view finder and adjust all the camera settings on the fly with the phone, but you can not use it as a playback device. Keep in mind the Contour is a camera for capturing and not a true playback device to begin with. Even when connected to your PC/Mac, the video is a bit jumpy when playing back directly off the contour. It is great if you take the time to put it on your computer for playback. So because of this, there is no playback option built into connectview.

Rudy The most important piece of a short is the chamois (padding). Keep in mind that thicker is not usually better. Fit (# of panels used to make the short) and compression (material used) are two other characteristics to look at too. The Equipe is a relatively high-end short at a great price. It is the short that I wear most often from LG. It has our airgel chamois and excellent fit. In general, anything over about $120 is probably going to be worth picking up.

So, go highest level chamois you can afford, then pick the most panels you can afford then there is always how good the whole kit looks together!

Best of luck!


I'm sure you would look great in anything! But the way compression works, it can be tough on many body types. LG has redesigned a few compression pieces that are specific to the female anatomy over the males. Check out the LG neo power fit short: http://www.realcyclist.com/louis-garneau-neo-power-fit-short-womens The "half-moon" compression panel on the outside vs the full-wrap compression on most shorts works better with a females legs. You might also look into the Fit Sensors: http://www.realcyclist.com/louis-garneau-fit-sensor-7.5-wsf-short-womens

Let me know if you have questions between these two.

Brad, you can't go wrong with either. But here is what I have to say. Equipe is proven technology from the material to the chamois. I ride these. Mondo is the next big thing. I so want to ride these, but my samples are in M and I wear a S (and I'm a lazy ass and haven't upgraded to the proper size). So while I haven't tried them completely yet, the anecdotal reports I get from my fellow reps is that they are phenomenal.

Proven Tech: Equipe
Newest Gen: Mondo

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