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Upgraded the brakes on my Vassago Jabberwocky. I had a set of Hayes Stroker Trail brakes on there with 160 rotors. It was like taking a set of toy brakes off and puttting on a set of real brakes - huge set up in performance. All of the necessary adapters were included. Also really easy to shorten the hoses for a nice, clean fit. Plus - quick shipping by H-n-R!


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I thought this would be a good energy bag since the Lenzyne seat bags are so nice. It is a good size but the closure is really bad - just a simple flap with a small piece of velcro to attach it. This closing flap will gap open allowing the bag contents to fly out. I could not imagine putting something important like a phone in this bag.

I will search for a bag that either zips closed or has a larger closure contact point.