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Here's what others have to say...

This is NOT the tubeless version. The tubeless versions from Conti are usually noted with a "UST" and often represented separately with the notation in the title of the tire. A quick search shows the tire you're asking about is not currently in stock. FYI - The Mountain King 2 is out and may be worth checking out.

What do you mean "a lot of jumping"?

If you were buying this to install on your dirt jumper, I would have to advise you otherwise. If you're adding this to you xc shredding 29'r and just want to make sure it will hold up to nasty air you catch along the way, I would say go for it. But you may want to search for a fork option with a 15mm qr or a 20mm axle to add a little more beef.

There is definitely a front/rear wheel combo that will work for your 26" wheeled bike.

If you want the wheels to swap right over, first check and see if you need the Centerlock version to accommodate your current brakes, usually Shimano. Otherwise the pretty standard 6 bolt version will work just fine.

Then you'll need to choose between 20mm axle version or the 9/15mm QR version depending on the for you're using. Chances are you will need the 9/15mm front wheel.

Feel free to post some pictures if your concerned with these educated guesses. It will be easy to tell with a couple pics of the bike.

I am 5'7" and am always asking myself the same question as I sit right between a small and a medium. I am pretty certain that moving forward I will be sizing down. I like the more upright and neutral position as I like bikes to be a bit more playful with less horsepower. I can see if I was an endurance athlete appreciating the longer top tube, but that ain't my jam.

Body proportions, riding style, and overall cycling fitness play a role in the way you want your bike to fit. And the lengths and angles between bikes vary, so every once in a while I find myself on a small that makes me wish for a set back seat post, but not very often.

To sum it up, I support your notion to size down. The bits and pieces can always change, but the frame is fairly permanent.

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