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I bought this helmet as soon as it came out, it worked very well for the fall and wither months. It fit well and breaths. In the spring moths in Tucson, AZ at 90 degress, I found its weakness, it could use more vents. This helmet is perfect for 90 percent of the days and only a little hot on extremely hot days

if you want to be light, this is the best light helmet, hands down, if you want it to breath, aeon.


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When I first received these shoes I was a die hard SIDI user and was dreading using shimano again. I have dura ace level two series before this. Everything was wrong with them, everything, color fit, external buckles, everything.

Sponsoring a pro team definitely paid off for them. With lots of input and research they redesigned these shoes and made them great.

first off they are unbelievably stiff, the buckles are off set and give a nice snug fit even on my narrow feet, secondly they look 100 times better. The most important thing that impressed me is how long they last. I am a neo pro and had no idea how to treat me shoes... I walked in garvel, ran, and just absolutely worked my shoes... they should have been broken in a month (like my last pair)

not only did they last longer then my other shoes, it was the first time I ever wore one set of shoes in a season! They have been wrecked in, they have had cleats pulled off and I have walked miles home due to a damaged bike and they still work now. I think they can keep going another season.

buy these, you will not regret it


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I ride, race, and train in this top. I really like it, I really like the tight fit and how it wicks moisture off my body to keep me cool. Even on the hottest days I wear this. I feel that craft rules this category and i have many of there tops also. This is the one competes with the best. Give it a go


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I received one of these nice base layer this winter. I was traveling in Portland, Atlanta, Tucson, and Sun Valley. Surprisingly I used them all of these places. It works great under lots of layer in the snow in SV, or cold windchill on the rare mornings in Tucson. It is great to have in the arsenal. This is ideal for cold racing, when you want to stay just warm enough but it needs to breath. The front shield really keeps the chest and body warm but leaves the back open for sweat to evaporate.

leave the vest at home, zip your RealCyclist jersey up and just ride, no more fiddling with extra tops.

(did a guy from florida really review this before me??)


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I use these pants almost daily in Portland. I really really love them, They keep me dry but are breathable and keep my legs feeling fresh, no swamp leg feeling. The velcro closure are crucial so take care of them. If not they look like disco pants.

If you race cross they are a must. If you live in the NW or NE just as useful.

Don't buy any cheeper options


It is just a water bottle... That is easy to clean
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It is so simple, Unscrew at both ends and put in the washer. I do not know why they did not do this in the first place.

my only problem is in cold conditions the plastic quite stiff to squeeze. It still works but you can not gorge water into your mouth wile it is snowing... rare for most but in the mountains like me, can be a problem

the nozzle is simple, and soft, no issues with it

best off all, It has sweet team logos!


Do not fall behind
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Most of the compression gear, I truly rarely wear.

Sock are a different story. Before and after races I always wear them but most importantly traveling to the races I wear them.

I can feel a difference mostly when I forget them, Tighter more uncomfortable legs are the result.

Most likely you already know compression sock are essental gear but you are wondering about 2XU sock.

Go to there website and give it a look, they are clearly ahead of the curve with material and sizing.


Socks are rolled down in my picture, but it helps the legs


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