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3 5

These are super comfortable pads - great for pedaling and the knee coverage is excellent - they don't slide off the knee like other knee/shin pads I've owned.

However the clip fasteners on either side of the knee are prone to popping off. It can be just an annoyance - hit your top tube with your knee and your inside knee fastener pops off, making you stop.

Or, it can be devastating in say, a race. Had a race crash where both sides popped off, I had to dismount the bike and reattach my pad in the middle of my race run - cost me a good 30 seconds. NOT cool! I'm selling these pads and trying something else.


1 5

I really like Sombrio shorts and jerseys, so I had high hopes for this jacket as a riding-specific jacket. It is a good jacket with great waterproofing, but a couple things could be better thought-out:

The armpit vents follow the contour of your pit, so that unless you are reaching above your head the vents remain largely closed. However when riding they should open up enough to be useful.

The interior fabric feels a bit clammy compared with some of the 'dry touch' stuff out there in winter outerwear. Otherwise, nice piece - great zips with tight tolerances, etc.


4 5

Hands-down the most comfortable pads I've ever worn. I don't even notice them when wearing them. I've put a knee down a few times and they've stayed in place and done their job, although no super high speed crashes (yet). The stitching however ripped right out as soon as the pad hit dirt. Not sure what to do about that, I left it and they are holding together, for now. Kinda disappointing that a $110 pad should start falling apart on the first impact.