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Jumped off the dock the other day and the GoPro Stayed on for the dive. To be sure, we make sure our mask strap is over the head strap for the GoPro. This is shot with a 3+ and no filter (thus the blue green everything)


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We use the head strap for diving. It does a pretty good job of keeping the camera in position, but our neoprene hoods aren't the grippiest head gear out there. Even with the silicone squiggles for added grip, we've had a time or two where it fell off.. So now we're just sure to get our mask strap over top of the head strap. The big thing is that the camera stays pointing in the direction we pointed it and doesn't bobble around while we're swimming.

Can slip off

Camera Stays in position
Silicone on underside for added grip
Pretty Good grip on neoprene


I have the regular block mount on my jeeps rack. I drilled two holes through the rack and have the mount attached with two bolts. I then attach the back tire to the back rack with a cam strap. Super quick and easy. As long as you're willing to drill some holes into the top of your camper, you'd be able to attach the mount. You'd just have to figure out a way to keep the rear tire tied down.