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Here's what others have to say...

They don't leak, they fit the UD vests
4 5

My Ultimate Direction AK vest came with larger water bottles (which I found hard to use because of the bite valve). I replaced them with these 10oz bottles and prefer this configuration. The valve is low tech, but isn't leaking even after several cycles through the dishwasher.

A further advantage of the 10oz size is the lighter weight on the chest of the race vest (obviously the lower capacity is the inescapably associated disadvantage).


2 5

I wear this shoe in an 11 for the length, and perhaps (at least some of) the shortcomings I found are a results of a too-wide-for-me toe box in that size. I found this shoe to be sloppy. I didn't feel that it stayed planted through a running stride. My second issue, however is less about fit. The soft foam of this shoe was problematic. It added to an insecure squishiness and the feeling that the shoe was moving under me (when it was supposed to be in place). Despite that thick squish of sole, the soft foam didn't protect well against rocks. I felt them more clearly (ie uncomfortably) than in any of the other shoes I run in. So for me, the foam was too thick to provide good response and connection to the ground, but not stiff enough to protect against terrain.

On the other hand, it is a very lightweight shoe.


Pretty cool
4 5

This shoe occupies a nice niche among my running shoes. It is a true zero drop, but has much more cushion than say a Vibram or a New Balance MT10. As such, I like it for longer runs. The sole is certainly designed for road rather than trail - but you have a lot of rubber on the road with the shallow tread. Finally, the toebox is notably wider than most of my shoes (reminds me of my Dalbello touring boots) -- and I felt the difference as reduced friction between my toes. (Photo compares the profiles of the NB MT 10, Altra Instinct, Inov8 Trailroc 235, PI EM Trail N2, PI EM Road M3, and PI Peak II.)


Provisionally excellent
4 5

I'm early on with this shoe, but provisionally, I like it as much as I like the road PI that I use (the EM road M3). As with the road shoe, I am sizing up about a full size to an 11. In the attached photo you can see the profile of a couple of shoes I rotate. From left to right they are New Balance MT 10, Altra Instinct, Inov-8 TrialRoc 235, PI EM Trail N2, PI EM Road M3, and PI Peak II.


Good for a midfoot striker
5 5

I'm really pleased with this shoe, right out of the box. (Be forewarned, it runs small. I'm usually a 9.5 or 10 and the right fit for me in this shoe is size 11.) For me, once I had the right size, I was good to go. I bought this on a Saturday, ran 3 miles that afternoon, and then ran 26 the next day with no fear. The 'seamless upper' is comfy. The offset is (according to PI) "Dynamic Offset: 4mm at initial contact to 7.5mm at mid-stance," which is a little different than the text in the Backcountry description. I run in this shoe coming out of a zero drop ALTRA, as a long time midfoot striker, and felt like this shoe was built for my stride. Also, it is billed by PI as having some motion control. Unlike other motion control shoes I've run in the past (eg Saucony) this didn't feel notably hard on the inside of the foot. (Photo shows NB MT 10, Altra Instinct, Inov8 Trailroc 235, PI EM Trail N2, PI EM Road M3 and PI Peak II.)