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5 5

I just got this tire to replace a blown out front on my XC race bike. I've been using Contis and Specialized for years and was please. This is my first Schwalbe tire and so far I've got about 180 miles on it.

The two biggest reasons that I like this tire are 1) it's weight & 2) the ride quality. It weighs about 2 oz less than my Specialized Captains and some of the other 2.2+ width tires, but still has awesome side lugs that hook up really well.

The other reason I like these is the ride quality: this is totally subjective, but they feel smooth and consistent, like I'm more connected with the trail.

Setup: tubless on DT Swiss rims.


5 5

I bought my first Castelli shorts in May and now I have 3 of these. The chamois is the most comfortable ever, the suspenders are really stretchy and don't chafe, and the hem is ultra grippy. When I go out on a long ride, these are what I look for in the drawer. They cost more, but in my opinion, are totally worth it for the additional comfort and quality.

Note, I had to order 1 size larger than most of the other brands I have worn.


5 5

A couple months ago, I ordered a Mukluk 3. This was intended to be a training bike for the upcoming race season and for commuting on snowy days. I am surprised at how nimble yet stable this fat bike is..... it absolutely handles snowpack and icy trails, but it is also amazingly fun when conditions are dry.

It rolls over just about anything and feels lighter than you would think. It doesn't accelerate really quickly and I don't break any records on long climbs, but those are it's only real shortcomings.

It is a really cool thing to ride a fully rigid bike for the first time in years. Clearly, it is not made for big drops or wicked rough trails, however, the Nate tires inflated to around 8psi smooth out most of the trail chatter. The traction is unrivaled.... it is like riding on velcro.

Overall, it has become my favorite bike to ride.... in fact, I have taken my FS bike out much less than I did last summer!

Also, the BC.com build was superb. The only thing I had to do was a minor adjustment to the rear derailleur and tighten the headset after a few miles. This thing rules!