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I own both this model and the mask-only model. RealCyclist offers both. I'm writing a review for each.

The balaclava model is poor execution of a good idea. Specifically:

- It's not sized for my face. When I have my nose and mouth positioned properly for the breathing holes, there is too much material above the nose and it interferes with my eyes. I'm constantly toying with the mask as I ride, trying to find a comfortable position. I haven't found it yet.
- The breathing holes are insufficient. It's hard to breathe under average exertion, harder than it should be. A few more holes (or bigger holes) would make a difference.
- Warm air escapes above the nose, resulting in fogged glasses.
- Moisture quickly builds up under the mask. Better ventilation would positively affect both the breathing and glasses-fogging-over problems.

Unfortunately, I'm unaware of a better face mask option. So, I usually start my ride with a regular balaclava, and if my face is too cold, swap this one in. It's useable ... barely.


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I own both this model and the balaclava model. RealCyclist offers both. I'm writing a review for each.

This model is a waste of money. No matter how loose or tight I fasten it, no matter whether I fasten it high or low, it won't stay where it's supposed to. Lift your head, drop your head, look slightly left or right, look over your shoulder for traffic - the mask won't follow your movements.

In my experience, gravity takes over - the mask slides down as I move my head. I've tried it multiple times, and every time have removed it in frustration within 5 minutes.

Don't waste your money. RealCyclist's 1-star rating description, "Straight up sucks", is appropriate for this product.