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4 5

I used to ride dirtbikes all of the time and the Sidewinder reminds me of some of the older Fox moto-gloves. Not a lot of padding in the palms but enough to keep you comfortable.

As other review say they do run quite snug (read small) I would order a size up if you are in doubt.

I use them for XC and some enduro-style riding. Kept me cool in the summer and protected from most wind up until mid November. (Michigan weather, including some warm-snow days.)

Pretty durable. I put quite a bit of time on them last year and aside from looking used due to sweat and dirt they are functionally flawless. Should easily get a second season out of them.

Great gloves, great price. Pick some up now.

Remind me of older motocross style glove


5 5

I have had the Momentum for two years now, I have the 26 liter model but the features mirror those of the 26. It has served me very well.

It gets used for school, shopping, bombing around town and as of late I tuck the straps in the back panel and use it as a briefcase at the office. That has to be one of the coolest things ever. I have used in on the bike to commute a few times but find that the back panel does not offer enough ventilation and caused me to show up with a sweaty shirt.

It can easily carry a laptop (in the separately-padded laptop sleeve), two textbooks, charger, and a water bottle.

Rugged construction also allows you to take it to the trail if you want. This bag has seen considerable use as a camera bag while snowshoeing and hiking.

Get this bag if you want a good-looking bag that knows how to get it done.

Great all-around pack


4 5

This little bladder pack is perfect size for training rides where you just want to go out, get your heart-rate up and get the job done. Small zipper holds a gel or two, keys and a phone. I like the mesh straps as they help to keep the shoulders from heating up.

I will echo the lack of a chest-strap complaint. I think that regardless of the size of the pack a sternum strap is necessary. It is such a simple addition but it provides the user with increased pack stability.

That being said, if you go to your local craft store you can get buckles, and some webbing and make your own inexpensively and quickly. I think that a few companies may also sell pre-made units.

Also, the bladder is essentially suck inside the pack. There is an intricate folded panel system holding the bladder in, thus making it difficult to remove for drying purposes. The saving grace of that issue is that the widemouth design allows you to towel dry the inside.

Aside from those small little issues, this is a great stripped-down pack.


4 5

may create a tropical rainforest inside.

As a windbreaker and rain jacket this thing does a great job. On my early morning and evening rides I could not be happier. However, if a morning ride runs long or the sun peeks out following a shower the black color of this jacket will quickly have you heating up.

Perhaps if it were a different color that issue would be resolved.

The vents do little to no venting as they are located directly behind your arms when in a riding position. Perhaps a rear-overhang style vent would provide better ventilation.

That being said, I am happy with the purchase: it keeps me dry, protects from wind and looks good off the bike.