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Buy this jersey and it's like you are at the Giro d'Italia!

All Santini clothing is made in Italy by Pietro Santini and family since 1965. A lot of pro riders in Europe wear Santini. Look closely for the "sMs" logo (Santini Maglificio Sportivo) on the chest of the riders. For example, on the riders of the 2014 Belkin/Bianchi team or on the leader of the Giro d'Italia!

Even better on sale!

Fit: Size up +1.


5 5

To clarify the new s7 lineup (in descending order of price):

T.Campionissimo --Assos' top of the line.
8 mm chamois pad and the kuKu penthouse. Silly price?

T.Cento (100) --Assos' long-distance training/riding bib short. These feature a thicker 10 mm chamois pad, the kuKu penthouse in front, and sl more generous cut in the leg.

T.Equipe (race) --Assos' racing bib short. Thinner 8 mm chamois pad is 3D shaped in front (see photo) for 'package' management and comfort. Fantastic.

T.NeoPro --Assos' general (excellent) riding bib short. Assos says, the T.NeoPro is "the spiritual successor to the Uno_s5, just better, offering less weight and more performance."

ALL Assos s7 bibshorts feature: (1) a special waffle-ventilated chamois pad to keep your seat area cooler and dryer while riding (brilliant). (2) The same "Y" shoulder strap and back mesh design. (3) The same leg gripper design (excellent). (4) Assos "click on" fit. And (5) super high-quality proprietary lycra fabric used in the leg (with minimal seams).

My personal favorites in the new line-up are the T.Equipe (best value, IMO) and the T.Cento (for longer rides). Buy one of these bibs. You will not regret your purchase!


5 5

Castelli offers arguably the largest lineup of pro & performance cycling clothing made in the sport. The experience, detail, and 'know-how' that Casteli puts into their gear is pretty amazing. This is seen for example in Castelli's lightness glove, climber's jersey, Mortirolo jacket, and even their cycling socks.

This "seamless" baselayer is designed to be used in -warm- weather. It is made with special moisture transfer fabrics. It is also designed with "open mesh" construction to hold your jersey off your skin. These features promote moisture transfer, sweat evaporation and cooling. It works!

Every serious rider should consider using a baselayer like this in warm weather.


5 5

PROS: This baselayer garment is designed to keep you cool in warm weather by holding your jersey off your skin. This promotes sweat evaporation and cooling.

CONS: Opening for the head is very small. No big deal (though I hope Castelli fixes this in the next version). Just take care in working this baselayer over your head. ... Yes! Dan P is so right below. This t-shirt is totally open fishnet. Only wear this garment alone in front of your GF or wife! (even then)

Every serious rider should consider using a baselayer like this in warm weather.

This baselayer and Castelli's "Climber's Jersey" make an AWESOME combination.


5 5

Obviously part of Castelli's "rosso corsa" top-of-the-line. Awesome in every way.

Light, super-ventilated, great looking. Castelli put a lot of thought into this Summer race/training jersey. One of my favorite design details is the zipper. It is different than most Castelli zippers. It is a large tooth zipper that zips up and down very easily. Love the wide, comfortable arm bands too.

Sizing: Very typical Castelli jersey sizing. Size up +1. I'm 5'10 and 180. The XL fit perfect.

Cons: This fabric will snag very easily on velcro. Be careful!

Other fit considerations: This jersey is cut short in the front on purpose. This is the best cut for the incline/forward position used on a road bike. And no silicon gripper on the rear hem... This is meant to be a very snug form-fit jersey for use over your best bib shorts.


5 5

Application: For use in cool/cold, dry weather. Highly versatile vest/jacket combo. Medium weight, soft shell fabric. Slightly lighter in weight vs. Castelli's awesome/classic Mortirolo jacket, BUT this jacket has removable sleeves.

Here's one of the best ways to use it...

Great for starting off on cold, long Saturday or Sunday morning rides that start at 45-55* and then warm up over the next couple of hours. Starts as a jacket, then presto, turns into a vest as the morning warms up (store the sleeves in the rear pockets, and your leg warmers!).

If you like this jacket, buy it now! End of model year sale!

Sizing: Very typical Castelli jacket sizing. Size up +1. I'm 5'10 and 180. The XL fit perfect.

Other fit consideration: This jacket is styled short in the front on purpose. This is the best fit for the forward/incline riding position on a road bike.


5 5

These Castelli wool socks are a work of art. Very high quality. Made in Italy. And 9 cm is the -perfect- height.

These Mezza socks feature superfine merino wool that is thin and very breathable. These socks will keep your feet cool and dry, and thus more comfortable; and no odor, naturally. Wool is a super fabric!

I wear these socks on all rides from 45/50* to about 75*. These are very versatile socks. (In really cold, sub 45* weather, I wear Castelli's medium-thick Quindici wool socks).

Sizing: I wear a 45.5 shoe in Sidi (10.5-11.0 USA). I bought a pair of these socks in both L/XL and XXL. The XXL fit much better (especially after washing). If you wear a 45+ shoe, definitely buy the XXL.


5 5

Castelli Free 9's are my absolute favorite summer cycling socks. These socks are amazingly well ventilated on the top of the foot and all the way around to the top of the cuff. You can use these socks on even the hottest Summer days.

And 9 cm is the -perfect- height. You see this cuff height the most in the pro peloton. It covers the ankle and the achilles tendon, but does not extend onto the calf muscle.

In sum, these socks by Castelli provide great quality, fit, and ventilation. And these socks look -awesome- if you wear white cycling shoes!

Sizing: I'm a 45.5 euro in Sidi (10.5/11.0 USA). I bought both the L/XL and the XXL. The L/XL -does- fit. However, the XXL fits better. If your foot is 46 euro or larger, definitely go with the XXL. Made in Italy.


5 5

The quality of this simple but really good looking De Marchi jersey is really nice. The fabric is of medium weight (not too heavy, not too thin), and breathes very well.

I own a lot of De Marchi cycle clothing. De Marchi = classic styling (almost retro), excellent quality & QC, actually made in Italy (unlike another big name Italian brand), and family owned since 1946.

PROS: Quality, style, simplicity; a beautiful cycling jersey made in Italy.

This jersey looks great in the black, and the blue. But it is special in the classic Italian cycling pink, the official color of the leader of the Giro d'Italia.

Cons: This fabric will snag on velcro. Be careful.

FIT: This jersey definitely runs bigger than usual for De Marchi. I usually wear a size XL in De Marchi jerseys (I'm 5'10 & 185). But here the L here fit me best for sure; form-fit but not super tight. Even slightly roomy. Maybe I could fit in a M (certainly if I was 160-175 lbs). So, with this particular jersey: order true to size but size down -1 for sure if you are slim.


4 5

Are these as good as De Marchi's $228 Veloce bib shorts? No. But do they cost $228? No.

I own a lot of De Marchi cycle clothing. De Marchi = excellent quality, stylish, made in Italy, and family owned since 1946.

PROS: Style and good value (at $90) for bib shorts made in Italy.

And excellent leg grippers (iff the shorts fit you right). The mid-level De Marchi chamois here is good (CyTech elastic interface). It is soft, thin, and features increased pad thickness just under the sit bones.

CONS: Fit is a little tricky on these (see below).

FIT: These bib shorts -do- run a bit larger than usual for De Marchi bibs. I usually wear a size L or XL in De Marchi bibs. I'm 5'10" and 185, and here the L fit me ok. Perfect in the shoulders, but slightly loose in the lower quads. I think the M would fit me better (but they are out of stock). In sum, I think the size L would fit most riders best in the 5'8" to 6'0" and 185-220 range.

Try a pair. If they don't fit, return them. At this price, what a steal!


5 5

I own a lot of De Marchi cycle clothing. I have found that De Marchi = classic (almost retro) styling, superfine quality, fantastic QC and sewing, always made in Italy, and family owned since 1946. De Marchi makes their cycling clothing with obvious pride.

With De Marchi bibs, you will also find a quality CyTech "elastic interface" chamois (also made by De Marchi), amazing value (here at CC), but curious sizing sometimes.


5 5

All Santini clothing is designed and manufactured in Italy by Pietro Santini and family since 1965.

PROS: (1) Well thought-out design from experience. For example, the fit, the fabrics, the mesh back and mesh under the arms, silicon gripper at rear hem, etc. (2) High quality fabrics, and the QC and sewing is flawless. (3) Handmade in Italy. Pure luxury, yet modern and highly functional. (4) Looks great in both colors.

CONS: None. Nada. Zilch (as long as they fit).

BTW, a lot of UCI pro riders in Europe wear Santini -including the 2014 Belkin/Bianchi team and of course the winner of the Giro d'Italia! Look closely for the "sMs" logo (Santini Maglificio Sportivo) on the chest of the riders.

FIT: Size-up two sizes with this jersey unless you are really slim (then size-up +1). I'm 5'10 and 185lbs. The XXL fit me perfect. This specific Santini jersey features form fit, not a super-tight race fit.


5 5

I had been riding in 315's for almost two years. The 315's were legendary (and a favorite in the pro peloton). I didn't think they could be improved. They have been! And not just by a little.

The new 320's are significantly lighter, feature a better heel cup gripping system, better walking pads (beefed up in the rear), the Dynalast system has been fine tuned, and the sublime hollow-channel, cross-weave carbon fiber sole is as light and effective as ever (now in matte carbon). In addition, and this was key... the structural support/design along the interior arch has been much improved -the only real weakness of the 315's.

It is two other features, however, that set these shoes apart from the rest and makes them really special.

(1) An unrivaled Ventilation system. The 320's feature a metal mesh "grill" in the front combined with breathable inserts throughout the upper (and one in the sole) to facilitate flow-through ventilation. This feature keeps your feet drier, cooler, and less clammy. It makes a very noticeable difference, especially during hard riding even in mildly warm weather.

(2) The 320's also feature a very roomy, wide toe box so that you can power "down" without constriction or pinching of your toes or forefoot. I can wiggle my toes fully; yet the heel and midfoot is totally locked in. Thus, I can power down flat for full power. And my foot is cooler and drier. Fantastic.

Let's face it, a top-of-the-line road shoe from any of the Big names is usually a really good shoe. But, the fact is there is -nothing- out there quite like these Shimano 320's. The ventilation system alone makes them unique, yet it is the synergist function of this shoe as a whole that brings it into the realm of PERFECTION. ... If Shimano 320's are in your cycling budget, buy them. You won't regret it.

FIT: Shimano 320's are certainly wider in the forefoot than regular SIDIs. The 320s will fit an average to slightly wide foot very well.


5 5

As you probably know, Craft is a baselayer specialist. Their gear is fantastic. You saw Craft on almost every athlete in the 2014 winter Olympics..

What I didn't know (until recently) is that Craft is based in Sweden -in Boras, an old, traditional textile industry center. In 1973, Craft founder Anders Bengtsson began developing baselayer materials that transport moisture/sweat away from the skin. Over the years, Craft has highly refined the use of polyester fibers and special weaving construction techniques.

Anyway, it works. I don't own a Craft piece that doesn't work great. Quality (QC) is fantastic too.

Sizing: I found this Craft long-sleeve baselayer fits true to size. I'm 5'10 and 185. The size L fits perfect.


5 5

Application: Jacket for riding in dry, cold 38-60* weather (depending upon your baselayer selection).

All Santini clothing is designed and manufactured in Italy by Pietro Santini and family since 1965. The quality and design of this Santini jacket is really nice. The soft and amazingly effective Gore "Windstopper" fabric is used (there is a discrete label on the right side indicating this). Plus, three interesting folds of "active air" vents that run just behind the arms on the back horizontally, just like a shark's gills. Thoughtful design, good looking, quality cam-lock zipper, and the sewing here is flawless. Hand made in Italy.

One of the details I like most: the design of the cuffs. They fit -perfectly- into my Castelli winter gloves.

FIT: With this particular Santini garment, size-up +1 unless you are really slim. I'm 5'10" and 185lbs. The XL fit me best. Perfect in the shoulder and arms. Form fit.


5 5

This jersey is pure luxury, yet modern and highly functional.

All Santini clothing is designed and manufactured in Italy by Pietro Santini and family since 1965. I love Castelli gear too and own a lot of it, but their clothing is made in Asia (except for socks).

PROS: Well thought-out design (from experience), high quality breathable fabric, silicon gripper rear hem, quality cam-lock zipper, and the sewing is flawless. This jersey also looks great in all the colors (I bought the blue).

A lot of UCI pro riders in Europe wear Santini -including the 2014 Belkin/Bianchi team and of course the winner of the Giro d'Italia! Look closely for the "sMs" logo (Santini Maglificio Sportivo) on the chest of the riders.

CONS: None -especially if it is on sale!

FIT: Size-up two sizes with this jersey unless you are really slim (then size-up +1). I'm 5'10" and 185. The XXL fit me perfect.


5 5

Application: Winter gloves for riding between 40-55*

PROS: (1) The thin and flexible (yet warm) materials provide awesome grip and bar feel. (2) Real Pittards leather palm. (3) Soft microfiber sweat wipe on top of thumb. --These are great gloves.--

CONS: None, other than they are little hard to remove after a hard/sweaty ride.

Fit. Size-up one! I'm 5'10". I buy size L in Pearl Izumi gloves. But I definitely need XL gloves with Castelli gloves.

Note: If you need gloves for riding in colder, consistently 30-45* weather, I can recommend Castelli's excellent "Chiro Due" gloves.


5 5

Jim Blackburn started out in 1977 in Santa Cruz CA making high-quality aluminum bike racks and later his classic aluminum bottle cages. Blackburn is now part of the Easton/Giro group.

Classic design, light but strong, and lifetime warranty. Affordable considering.


5 5

Hincapie gear is designed by George Hincapie - a pro rider and legend who rode in the TdF 17 times. It shows.

What I like most about these Hincapie knee warmers (other than the quality) is that they definitely extend a little further down the leg than most knee warmers. These also cover the upper calf muscles as well. Thus, these are a great way to start a cold 45-55* morning (with a light jacket or vest), then when it warms up, shed the knee warmers and stash them in your jersey pocket.

These warmers are made from high-quality "Super Roubaix" fabric (which is made in Italy). These will cover the 40-60* range perfectly. The band toward the bottom is for safety (reflective).

"Arenberg" refers to one of the most famous sections of the Paris-Roubaix bike race (George rode to 7 top-ten finishes there).

Quality of manufacture: The sewing and seams on these knee warmers are perfect. I have found uniformly excellent quality and QC in all the Hincapie gear that I own. Bravo to George Hincapie and his brother Richard (also a rider) who run this company.


5 5

I can't review this light any better than Aaron, Cooz, or Christy below -so read their reviews! I will just add that there are a handful of companies that make really good bike lights, but Light & Motion is universally regarded as one of the very best by bike shop employees and experienced riders. There is a reason for this.

Great company, design, performance, experience, and quality. And 550 lumens is plenty of light for the road.

One potential issue: The light is really easy to mount and dismount on your bar, still I wish the light was removable from the mounting strap. This is not an issue for MTB. More for road bikes with handlebars crowded with taped horizontal brake and shift cables.

By the way, L&M -includes- a helmet mount with the 550.