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John Hansen

John Hansen

John Hansen

John Hansenwrote a review of on March 26, 2009

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Before buying this helmet I tried on multiple helmets at multiple price ranges in multiple sizes, I recommend you do the same thing. For me, this helmet felt the most secure and natural on my head. This helmet happened to look the best as well, so added bonus.

Upon riding I found that the helmet vented extremely well, was very comfortable and did it's job when the occasion called for it. At the time of the crash I was traveling upwards of 17mph when I lost control and went over the handlebars. It was a pretty bad spill and would have been much worse had I not been wearing my helmet. Looking at my helmet it had a long deep scrape and a large deep pebble (quarter inch in diameter) size indent. Whatever helmet you get, make sure it feels secure and comfortable.