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4 5

I have the Cobalt 2 post in a 400mm, no setback version. The post is bored oblong, with thicker front and rear walls, making it very stiff for its weight. It is so stiff that I can run it fully extended on my dirt jump bike if I use it for a trail ride.

One area of special concern is the unique clamping mechanism. While I generally prefer a micro adjust clamp (ex. Thomson), I found the system on this post acceptable. It was somewhat difficult to adjust given that it rotates around a fairly long radius with no tensioning system to assist adjustment. Additionally, the clamp uses a T25 Torx bolt to hold the saddle rails, which can be inconvenient if the saddle angle needs readjustment.

That said, the stiffness and lightness of this seatpost satisfy my basic needs.


5 5

Having owned the same pair of GP's for nearly 3 years now, I am comfortable saying I'll never ride in another glove. After dozens crashes dragging the palms against everything from dirt to sandstone, the synthetic palms have shed dirt and remained intact, and so have my hands. The strech material between the fingers also make them very comfortable and easy to break in. I also quite like the Velcro closure, allowing a more secure and customized fit than many other gloves offer. If my current pair of GP's ever wear down I'll be right back on a new pair.


5 5

This fits very well, offers exceptional visibility, and is so light that I frequently opt for it when only a full coverage XC helmet would suffice. I feel very protected and mobile inside it.

I can only say that I have experienced some chatter on the mounts for the visor, but this does not take anything away from its function in protecting a head.