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I grabbed these in medium, Abyss Heather, and they are AMAZING! So soft, soft comfy, so flattering, such an awesome color! I wore them for three days in a row after I first purchased them. Seriously. Love these pants in every way. The cut is perfect, and color is rad, and the material is oh-so-comfy!

If you are worried to workout in them because they might show sweat, don't worry any more. When you put them on, you'll be so stoked that you won't care. I haven't noticed that they show sweat, but then again, I was wearing the pants so I didn't care. Also, if you purchase them, you might not change your pants for days on end, but I fully support you in making that decision.

Rad pants. Get 'em. Put 'em on your body. Rub your leggies together and feel how comfy they are. Touch them with your hands because they're on your leggies, so they're just right there. Stare dreamily at them and deeply contemplate your comfort level. /Love them/.

Sidenote: I also have some in black that are capri length. Those are also great, however, the material is different. That doesn't make them less good; just different. Thought I would point it out.

While I'm pointing things out:

Dearest Soybu:

Make these in every color of the rainbow and I will buy friggin' all of 'em. I especially dig grass green and every shade of purple. I never want to have a day where I have to not wear these pants again! TAKE MY MONEY! NOW!
--Fan of Your Pants, Jeni

New favorite leggings!