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Jeff M

Jeff M

Jeff M

Jeff Mwrote a review of on August 6, 2009

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I wanted a HR monitor that would provide me with all the relevant data, was reasonably priced, and as a watch was something I could wear all day.

I like that it is easy to use and easy to set up. I can change my goals easily and navigating from screen to screen is pretty straight forward. I have had some trouble adjusting my zones.

I was disappointed that the data doesn't upload (my wife has a pretty cheap polar that does via the microphone). However i have gotten over it. The watch face is pretty large and seems to be almost convex in shape, consequently it's difficult to avoid scratching.

The chest strap is comfortable for running and biking but i need to remove it for push ups because the actual monitor is pretty thick compared to the flat plastic bands i've seen on other devices.

If a friend asked, i'd recommend a HR monitor that uploads to a computer for quantifying the data and something less likely to get scratched up. Without being able to view and track the data it is more difficult to track performance and make the necessary adjustments. If mine wasn't already scratched, I'd probably send it back.