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3 5

I have a large and am 6'0" 185lbs and this jersey is very loose on me. It is also very long for my tastes. Nicely made, but when I put my phone in the middle back pocket it seems to hang and bop around on every bump. But it is a good price for a recreational rider. If you have the makings of a tire around your waist, this would probably be a good jersey. Seems like there is a lot of room there.


4 5

I ride pretty much year round and these have worn well. Cinders, gravel, potholes...they have been worth the money. Today I had my first flat with them, but it was most likely because of a cut in the sidewall during a very rainy ride. I had to ride on a rough shoulder to let a car pass on an uphill climb and I could hear the hissing as the tire lost air - oh crap. Nevertheless, I put a new tube in and did another 40 miles until I got home. I have to replace the rear tire, hence my visit here. The front is still in great shape. No reason I won't get another season out of that one.