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This bike rides great and offers aerodynamic qualities normally reserved to TT bikes. The overall package is really solid for the money. I rode an all-black final prototype around Deer Valley last August and was very impressed.

Noah RS = Aero Bike for the Masses


I slap these between all my different bikes and love them overall. They aren't as lightweight as the eggbeaters, but I like having the small platform and I really like the price. I've had no issues with any of my Candy's... yeah they do get a bit scuffed, but they continue to perform just fine. I took this pic at Interbike yesterday. Got to test out the new SRAM XX component group and it is AMAZING!

Simple, Cheap... I've got 4 Pair


I absolutely love how lightweight and comfortable these glasses are. And, changing the lenses couldn't be easier. It comes with 3 lenses and I've now used all three in different conditions and love having the variety at my disposal. My only gripe is that the arms interfere with my Giro Zen bike helmet, thus causing them to do an Arthur Fonzarelli move where the wheelie off the top of my nose. Trail running, hiking and everything else they are fine. Other than that the excellent coverage and light weight is superb.

Sunset Peak & the Smith V90's