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Unanswered Question

I ordered 2 of these tires the other day for the front of my bikes, as it seems most reviewers say that's where you should run these.
And I just ordered 2 Moto Raptor Race (2.24 in.) tires as well, as I wanna get some new tires on front and back on both bikes.
Is it a bad idea to stick these on the back and the Raptors up front? I'm just concerned about putting either tire on back since most reviewers like both these tires up front.

0 Answers

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I am super happy with this saddle's comfort and pain reducing on my backside... but the first thing I noticed when this saddle arrived was that 2 staples holding the leather attached to the bottom of the seat were already close to coming out.

A couple weeks later and I've already lost one and the other is close to falling out as well. At least I got it for $32 off Chainlove. It's a super comfortable saddle and I'm hoping the loss of these staples won't affect that.


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I just wrecked really hard this past Labor day weekend and my 3 yr old Hex stood up to the beating I gave it with out much impact on my head. It is cracked now so I'm gonna be getting a new one today, thanks for the great price on a great helmet. I attached a pic of my helmet after the crash, it was a doozy.

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