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Here's what others have to say...

3 5

So I've had the Nuun All-Day tablets.

From a performance perspective are great. I've used them when I'm pouring sweat and losing all the good stuff while hiking in Moab or while sweating buckets in the Sawtooths. How I feel when taking these is a noticeable difference as compared to when I don't have an Electrolyte supplement.

My taste buds have declared war against the Tangerine-Lime flavor. It's like that time in college when your friend handed you this awful mix drink, but you had to endure.

I'll be trying other flavors to see what tastes better.

Jared D.
800.409.4502 ext 4055


4 5

Finally got the chance to use this on a few climbs the other day. Was interested to see how secure it would be on my head.

I had this on top of my helmet. Rather than using a sticky mount and attaching to my helmet that way, I opted to just use this strap. I hate those mounts and the fact that you ruin them once you pull them off.

I mounted the head strap on my head and everything was great, but once I got on the wall it was til to put my brain bucket on, so I mounted the head strap over it.

I never felt it rocking all around as I went up, down and side to side.

Overall it's worth it and a great product.

Jared D.
800.409.4502 ext 4055