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5 5

This tire changed my riding for the better. I use it up front for central AZ riding (loose over hard switchbacks, sandy washes and tracks, rocky trails). It tends to get a bit grabby in rock gardens given the aggressive side treads, but more than makes up for that downfall by being absolutely bomber when leaned over in sketchy, loose conditions. I've tried a lot of tires up front to find the right one for these types of conditions....this is it.


4 5

I've rolled the 2.2 TNT version of this tire for a week now on my rear wheel out here in central Arizona....sharp rocks, sandy washes, sand over hard switchbacks. The tread is pretty dense/hard, so performance on rock (edging, conformance, etc) is not the best, but this tire excels in the loose and dry conditions. I'm not worried about mud since it is such a rarity for me in the desert. I goofed and bought the TNT when I had intended to buy the foldable version to save a bit of weight, but I won't be returning the TNT...just ordering another foldable. Given the dense tread, I can see this tire lasting a lot longer than some of the other tires I've had on the rear.