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This was my first jersey that I have purchased and I love it. The name made me give it a chance (I'm part Japanese), but the quality of PI made me love it. I have a 42" chest and a 33" waist, so I chose the Large. At first I thought it was too short, but then realized when I started riding, that the cut was perfect.


4 5

After reading the description and seeing that it said, "for true three-season cycling versatility", I was immediately hooked. I have been using my Pearl Izumi shorts, but wanted a little more coverage from the sun (damn farmer tan). I am someone who doesn't mind being hot and sweaty during my ride/workouts, but at the same time, I wasn't going to buy tights with a "thermal" lining with summer coming up.

I definitely took a gamble on the sizing as I am 6'1" 195lbs and have a 32-33 waist with a chest size of about 42-44". I carry most of my weight in my legs and butt, so I chose a Large, and it fit perfectly. If you are like me and have a tall, slender yet muscular build, I would suggest the Large.