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I have three of these rack trays on top of my Subaru Outback wagon. These is my third Yakima rack system and I have had numerous tray options over the years as well.

I like:
1) No need to remove wheels
2) Adjusts to different wheel sizes
3) Bike Lockability
4) Does not scratch the bikes

I do not like:
1) Can be hard to get front wheel in the rack as rack adjustment knob is in the way
2) Cable lock attachment does not move to alternate side
3) Hard to load bikes towards middle of the car
4) Bikes seem to flex around some
5) Cannot handle bikes with front fenders

I started out with one and purchased two more so the good points out weigh the bad.
I use their core lock system so I can lock the base rack, carry trays, and bikes on the car. I have the two outside trays pointing forward with the middle one pointing backward. Since the bike locking cable always is attached on the same side (left) that means on the passenger side tray the lock is hard to reach and use because the lock is
on the other side of the tray (I wish it could be swapped). It can be hard to get your front wheel in the tray as the big rack adjustment knob stops your bike from rolling forward on the tray. Personally because I do not trust rack adjustment knob from failing (letting the bike tip over) I always put an old toe strap around where it grabs the wheel (better safe than sorry).


4 5

I normally wear an XL PI Bib Short so I picked up a pair of there tights on clearance in XL and they were WAY to big. Not sure if they just run big or were labeled wrong. There was no way I could wear them as the waist and entire leg were just cut way too roomy and fit terrible.

Never got to ride in them but I liked the idea of the adjustable bib straps. I read elsewhere that some of these bibs had strap clips that broke easily and that PI would replace them for free with a heavier version clip.

The fabric is not at thick as their AMFIB tights but seemed heavier than their Select Thermal tights line. I would guess 40+ degree weather.