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Hiro-wrote a review of on February 2, 2011

4 5

Well designed bag sans the rear clip. The bag is very secure and the full wrap velcro does a great job of keeping the bag from swaying under the saddle bottom. The elastic post strap is low profile, won't mar up the Thomson etching that is under so many of our rear ends, and holds tight on my 31.6 dia post. Should have zero issue holding a 27.2 post also. Really like that there is no velcro on the post strap which tends to snag bib-short legs.

I can cram, 1 std (not ultra-light) 700x18-25c tube, (2) 16 gram CO2, 1 micro inflate head, micro tool, 2 tire levers, and 2 insta-patches inside. Not much extra space beyond that for anything beyond a few wadded up dollars. An ultralight tube would allow for either a 3rd tire lever or perhaps keys.

The rear light clip is more of a urathane/silicone loop so the rear flasher (PB superflash) kinda just flaps around in the back and does not really point straight back nor does it stay still.

Overall recommend and will be buying more




Hiro-wrote a review of on February 10, 2010

4 5

I have a pretty good complement of glasses. I own about 8 pairs of various Oakley glasses and 3 pairs of Smiths. On the sport end have the half-jacket and M Frames and the Smith V-Ti as well as the Smith Reactor Max. The Jawbone has great coverage and really hugs the face the way the frameless and half-frame glasses can't. The work really well and protect great. Optics are great, but I honestly think my eyes can't tell the difference between high-zoot Oakley lenses and lower-price but still high quality Smith optics.

Issues: As noted in most reviews, they tend to block your spedometer if its mounted on your stem or handlebar. I have mine on my aerobar extensions so its a non-issue for me. The vented lenses let in just enough unfiltered sunlight to be a bit distracting. Sometimes I notice, sometimes I don't. But obviously this is not an issue with full coverage lenses. The arms sit under your helmet straps, rather than over as I tended to wear all my other glasses. I imaging however that the straps will wear off the paint of the arms over time... and at $255 for the transitions version I bought... not looking forward to having scuffed up glasses.

I would love to give it a 5. It does a lot of things well. But if I have to be honest, Smith Optics do 95% of what Oakely does, comes with 3 lenses, a hard case (the Jawbone is the first sport glasses I have gotten that comes with a hardcase), and has a nut-job rock-solid lifetime warranty which I have used and love, but their glasses cost 1/2 as much. For that value aspect, it gets 4 starts. They are superior to Smith's but not $150 better.